That’s what friends are for.

I firmly believe that everyone needs a best friend to experience life with.  I thank God everyday for bringing mine into my life.  My best friend Jeanine lives in Myrtle Beach and even though we are separated by many miles, she still has the ability to make me laugh like she is right here with me.  While I am sypathetic to her plight, I have to laugh at the directions that she chooses to take in life.  I admire her spunk and her faith that everything will work out……eventually.  In the contest of “who’s day is going worse” she usually takes the cake but explaining it leaves us both laughing.

Thanksgiving day comes to mind as one of those days where she wins the prize.  When I called her to wish her a happy day and tell her that mine was not starting out too good, she lifted my mood right up with her story.  She was on her way to Cape Hattaras for Thanksgiving and a fishing trip with her family.  When they got down to the bridge, they discovered that the Noreaster that passed through had washed out the roads and closed the bridge.  They had to sit in line for hours and hours and wait.  While I was eating turkey and stuffing, she was eating pringles and drinking gatorade between the periodic naps in the back of her truck.  At one point, while she was inside a store talking to someone, the console in her truck caught on fire from a cigarette that she had put out in a coffee cup that she thought was empty.  She put the fire out and hid the damage from her Dad, afraid he would see the idiot that he has for a daughter.  It was too late to eat when she finally got to her destination, so Thanksgiving was postponed for a day.  That was just day one, I can’t wait to hear about the actual fishing part.

About Amy

Hello! I am 33 years old, a wife (just recently in 2012) and a mother (that came first in 2009). I used to be fairly laid back, but having a kid really upped my sensitivty which was heightened already. I really believe in saying how I feel, when I feel it. I express my feelings - alot - maybe too much...but I feel that it lets everyone know where I stand so that there is no confusion. And, I would like the same in return - but... good luck with that!
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