Restless – Poem by Amy

I feel like a leaf

hanging in a tree.

Waiting and waiting for the wind

to set me free.

I twist and turn

restless with wait.

Anxious so anxious

unsure of my fate.

I long for the warmth

and light of the sun.

And still I ache

for a chance to run.

Hanging there in that tree

I wonder and ponder life to be.

Any moment the wind will come

will I wish then, to be undone?

About Amy

Hello! I am 33 years old, a wife (just recently in 2012) and a mother (that came first in 2009). I used to be fairly laid back, but having a kid really upped my sensitivty which was heightened already. I really believe in saying how I feel, when I feel it. I express my feelings - alot - maybe too much...but I feel that it lets everyone know where I stand so that there is no confusion. And, I would like the same in return - but... good luck with that!
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